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ABRAHAM COMPANY - A righteous man who lived a prosperous and active life. He was so faithful that he agreed to sacrifice his only son to God. Faithful Fathers like Abraham–All father figures: biological, spiritual, Foster, adoption, potential


DEBORAH ARISE COMPANY - Prophetess, Apostle, Virtuous Woman, Spiritual Mother, and Intercessor. Women like Deborah Prophetess, Apostle, Mothers in our nations, Virtuous wives, singles, grandmothers, spiritual mothers, and intercessors


DANIEL COMPANY - Bold, Courageous, and Devoted to God regardless; wise Kingdom political hero and prophetic diplomat. Young Men like Daniel – Bold, Courageous, and devoted to God regardless, wise Kingdom political heroes, prophetic diplomats


JOSEPH COMPANY - A man of divine governmental authority/administrator. Men like Joseph–Divine Governmental Authority/Administrators



MARY COMPANY - Chaste, Consecrated and set apart for special use. Young Women like Mary – Chaste, Consecrated and set apart for special use.

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